Synchronize contacts: some advices

Synchronize contacts: some advices

January 20, 2010 00:13 0 comments
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How much time did you spend about digging, testing email clients?

Once you think you've found your favorite unbeatible client comes the part where you import the contacts in your address book.

Well, in my previous post I've pointed out your attention to the "formats battle" between clients. This time I just want to indicate you a Thunderbird 3 extension that I've really enjoyed so much.

Time ago, I've decided to give Google Contacts a try. It's a really simple and clean service that hosts your Address Book.

Today I've tried to make Thunderbird cooperating with Google Accounts in order to have my Address Book synced. I did it!

The extension is called Zindus. It provides a clean GUI where you should put your credentials in. That's it.

Warning: I can't remember exactly how Zindus behaved at its first launch so I strongly suggest you to backup your Address Book before "just running it" since you might lose some contact.