Real Life vs Game System Life

Real Life vs Game System Life

May 3, 2010 11:43 0 comments
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I’m still quite scared. It’s not that kind of fear that commonly you feel when your life is in danger but sounds almost kinda like that.
Today I enjoyed a talk by Jesse Schell about Design outside the box

It’s a brief presentation (it takes less than 30 minutes) on how the life changed around us in the last years.
He analysis how Facebook impacted our way to live-the-game and how huge is the virtual money system that, weaselly, pushes people to think “ehy it’s just 5 bucks” and, then, buy bullshit. That’s it: bullshit.

The presentation begins analyzing the present and then the future. The image of the future is the scary part.

Obviously, this is not how the future is going to be. It’s just a projection. A mind-blow projection.

I’m not going to spoiler the video since I really think it’s enlightening and it deserves to be watched entirely.