Adobe Lightroom 3: Backup watermark settings

Adobe Lightroom 3: Backup watermark settings

February 20, 2011 22:33 0 comments
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Adobe Lightroom 3 has a really handy way to create watermarks: using the UI you will create a professional-looking watermark in just five minutes.

Anyway, Lightroom also provides a system for making backups of the Catalog. Usually, Lightroom proposes the user to make it once every week. That’s great but it will definitively not contain all the settings you care about, for instance watermarks’.

After digging a bit into the “well-known” directories where applications are used to put stuff into, I discovered where Lightroom actually puts the watermarks. Guess where? In the Watermarks directory!

Fire up Finder, go to ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Watermarks and copy your watermarks template anywhere you like. Since I rely on Dropbox for backing up my stuff, I just dropped it there. Don’t forget to backup the font as well, especially if you use a custom one.

P.S.: I’m pretty sure that folks using Windows may find the watermarks in a similar location C:\Users/YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom/Watermarks or something like that.