Why the recent MacBook upgrade sucks

Why the recent MacBook upgrade sucks

February 24, 2011 19:15 0 comments
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This article contains my merely opinion about the recent MacBooks upgrade.
Feel free to ignore this article if you are not interested in non-technical content.

As you have probably already heard about, the Apple new MacBooks are available in the Apple Store. From my point of view this upgrade is really disappointing. They are nothing but the same old MacBooks with a state of the art processor soldered inside.

A question arises: “What did you expect? It’s just an ordinary upgrade, you should have nothing to complain about that”.
Indeed, that’s true. The problem is not Apple’s. The problem comes from all the (inaccurate) rumors surrounding Apple products.

First of all we heard about mockups regarding the MacBook Liquid Metal inspired by the recently introduced dark-gray bar in the Apple website.
This is just a mockup. Something that I, in first place, should have never deceived myself thinking that would have been real.
Then we heard about MacBooks going to become lighter, cheaper and longer-lasting 1. Let me say that all of these rumors didn’t turn out to be true.

1. Longer-lasting batteries: the opposite. The cached version of previous MacBook Pro page states about 9-10 hours of battery. The new one says up to 7 hours. The same occurred for the White MacBook, even if it remained untouched by this upgrade.
Here, actually, Apple is playing a little bit dirty. They claim about having “new, more powerful processor and still having the same autonomy before”. That’s actually untrue, as proven above.

2. Ligher: The weight remained the same.

3. Cheaper: Both version costs the same.

So, beside the processor, the clock of the RAM and the fantastic Thunderbolt port, nothing relevant had changed.

  • Rumors about Apple were going to dismiss the 13 inches white model. It is still available.
  • Rumors about having a third USB port. Fake.
  • Rumors about having the option to remove the Superdrive to leave room for another HDD. Fake.
  • Rumors about having the SSD hard-disk by default on the 15" inches model. Fake.
  • Rumors about having the High Resolution on all the 15" display by default. So fake.

These are the rumors that just came in my mind and I haven’t even begun looking for them. I can bet you have heard even more than me.

Let me repeat that again: it is not Apple fault. It’s all about rumors. We should stop listening to them, websites that claim to be “reliable” should not report them.
Honestly I was thinking about retiring my almost 4 years old MacBook and buying a new one, but all the hype surrounding this upgrade just smashed to the ground due to the facts I aforementioned; so I guess I will wait maybe another year.

Or, if you want to see it in another way, this could be the best upgrade that a late 2010 MacBook owner would have ever imagined.

Oh, of course, if you want to know rumors say that next year will be the “Liquid-metal year”. Screw you.

1 This is actually the first source I found. If you browse the Internet you will find plenty of them.