Free over-the-air distribution

Free over-the-air distribution

May 1, 2011 16:36 0 comments
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Few days ago, Matteo Kuzeko, pointed out to my attention a web service that easily allows iOS developers to share they own application over-the-air in order to do beta testing: TestFlight

In my previous related post I briefly told you how to do the same all by yourself; with TestFlight the goal is the same but this service brings altogether few interesting features. Practically speaking, you have to build up a Team. The latter is usually composed by the developers and the testers.
With the online control-panel you can invite people by using their email addresses (one at a time) or you can generate an URL to send to all of them an invitation to join the beta testing.

Once your teammates subscribe to the website, they will have to register their devices as well. Once they do that, the developers have to add their device to the list of “compatible” devices. This step is required only the first time you set up the team.

The cool features that TestFlight brings are the instant report of what’s going on in the team (it displays the status of all the teammates and what they did so far) and it sends notifications every time the developers deploy (and hence upload) a new version of the app. This way the mates are automatically notified by the system.

I found it to be very interesting and quite immediate and I will definitively propose it to my team in the next days.