iTerm 2: iTerm successor

iTerm 2: iTerm successor

May 11, 2011 09:01 0 comments
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I’m not very fond in reviews because I think I’m not really good at it. Anyhow, yesterday I discovered the existence of iTerm 2.

For me, iTerm, is really not an option over Terminal (the terminal emulator shipped with Mac OS X). The latter feels a little bit dizzy starting from the selection (try to select a path in and ending to the poor tab management in Terminal compared to the one brought by iTerm.

When I hit iTerm 2 website I jumped to the features page to see what’s actually is different and I saw a lot of cool-but-useless things except for three killing ones:

  • The split panes

  • The set mark capability

This latter feature is somehow hidden, in a very loose sense. It allows you to mark a position on your terminal screen and come back to that position with the “Jump to Mark” menu item.
It comes to be very handy when you have commands that print out a lot of garbage and you are interested in reading the output starting from the top instead of the bottom.

There are a lot of more features such as the instant replay (that I don’t think I will ever use it) or the autocompletion (that is somehow interesting but so much time has past since I started using the UNIX console that I don’t think I will remember this feature while using the terminal).

Does it sound interesting? Then give it a try!