How to enable Airdrop on old Macs running Lion

How to enable Airdrop on old Macs running Lion

November 3, 2011 15:08 1 comment
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Airdrop is a feature available in Lion that allows users to easily share files between Macs without sharing a connection to the same Wi-Fi Network.
It uses PAN to provide for p2p connection (like Bluetooth does).
It may happen that your old mac does not carry a Wi-Fi module capable of supporting this type of network but there’s a known workaround to make this possible.
Fire up your terminal and issue

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Once you did that, relaunch Finder by Opt+Clicking onto the Finder icon in the dock or by issuing

killall Finder

in a terminal shell.

Now you should have your old-fashioned MacBook running both Lion and Airdrop.

Thank you @LorenzoMMariani that pointed this out to my attention.

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    This is great thanks! I am wondering if you know a way to enable the new screen sharing features of Lion on older macs (still running Lion). I would love to use the feature that allows me to remotely login to my account in the background of a machine someone else is logged into.