Fix the iOS 6 text shortcuts bug

Fix the iOS 6 text shortcuts bug

October 1, 2012 08:30 0 comments
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After upgrading to iOS 6 I noticed that text shortcuts weren’t working as before.
Actually, the entire text prediction and spellchecker were working in a different manner. While for this latter there’s no turning back, I managed to find a solution for the first issue.

In order to get the text shortcuts back you need to hard-reboot your phone. In order to do so, press the Home button and while keeping it pressed, press the stand-by/wake up button. There are only two buttons on the iPhone (if we ignore the volume buttons) so it’s pretty easy. First the Home button, then the Wake up. You won’t
lose anything. It’s pretty much like resetting the PRAM of a Macbook. No data is in harm.

Wait a couple of seconds, the screen becomes black. Just release the buttons and turn the phone back on. This worked for me.

Other solutions I found on the web were about disabling and re-enabling the spellchecker, removing and re-adding one (or all) shortcuts but I didn’t test them since the hard-reboot worked for me.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment.

Edit: after a couple of days it seems that the text shortcuts feature is degrading as long as time passes by. Hopefully Apple will fix this upstream in the next firmware upgrade.
In the meanwhile you can always re-perform the hard-reboot as a dirty workaround.