[HOW-TO] Automatically download your favourite TV Series – Part II

[HOW-TO] Automatically download your favourite TV Series – Part II

October 16, 2012 09:31 1 comment
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After wondering about what I proposed yesterday, I realised that such solution is a PITA. Specifically, it involves too many things for such a comparatively trivial task.

A friend said to me “why can’t you just feed the RSS to the torrent client and let it manage it completely?. Unfortunately this is not possible for two big reasons: first, RSS feeds contain lots of TV Series, even those you absolutely don’t care at all; second, usually TV Series are split in two (a high quality stream and a low quality one). Because of these, a (powerful?) filtering is demanded.

Still, the research lead me to find FlexGet which is, according to its website, a “multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, series, movies, etc”. That’s what I needed and thus I gave it a try.

FlexGet works in a different way compared to my first approach. It scans the RSS feeds for matching entries and it adds those to your client. Since I use Deluge, I was even lucky enough to get a complete integration with such client.

So, with FlexGet, you have to setup your environment, define your configuration and filters and then you should put it in a cronjob to perform the magic while you sleep.

The hard part is to define a configuration. Luckily enough I can provide you one free of charge.
My configuration work this way: it accepts only TV Series in the provided list, only hdtv quality (ignoring everything above 720p) and add those to Deluge. The three RSS feeds are provided by FlexGet community wiki. That’s it. FlexGet uses SQLLite as backend relational database so it’s pretty powerful. It keep tracks of the series it downloaded, when and what’s the latest season and episode that has been downloaded. There are lots of commands and features it provides. Read the website carefully.

For the laziest, I provide you even the cronjob entry. Make sure you add it to the user that is going to issue the flexget command.

0 */2 * * * flexget --cron

This will run flexget every two hours.

I want to conclude saying that watching TV Series is really fun but downloading them this way is probably illegal in the majority of the countries. I don’t want to induce pernicious behaviours in people but I like Computer Science, I like technology and I like problem solving. I write my blogposts to focus on the potential of tools combined together and to show how thing can be fulfilled, rather than on the purpose those serves. So, if you really like a series, purchase it and support its actors and whoever contributed to it.